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Written Travel Policy

Small to Mid-size Companies are spending more on travel, largely due to an unmanaged corporate travel programs. A surprising trend given the need to spend less and make every dollar count, a travel policy can set realistic controls without limiting your travelers on the road comforts. Here at Bard Travel, we can help you setup a solid policy that explains and describes company expectations in plain language. A written policy can also help in vendor negotiations providing leverage for discount justification and lowering company travel insurance rates. We will help your corporate travel department with design, updating and even implementation of your company’s travel policy.

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Vendor Negotiation

Bard Travel will assist in consolidating your overall travel program nationally and worldwide. Much of what raises the cost of travel spending is due to vendor segmentation and failure to centralize cost controls. Our complex parametric system will recognize simple savings opportunities and potential cost savings strategies. Armed with our expert negotiating skills and undisputable data, we will expose fragmented spending and promote key suppliers to achieve savings goals not available through other channels.


Quaility Controls

Here at Bard Travel, business travel experts will handle your account without the high cost of travel spending. If you are experiencing denied boarding, re-bookings due to the wrong dates, missed business appointments due to inaccurate hotel and/ or car reservations, it’s time to have your travel handled by a professional. Our system will analyze transactions with customized quality checks to ensure each reservation stays within your budget. With 150+ pre & post ticketing checks, fares, preferred seating, contract/preferred vendor pricing and unused tickets will constantly safeguard all aspects of your corporate travel program.

Unused Tickets

Unused Tickets

One of the leading concerns with a non-managed travel program is unused tickets. Companies often don’t have the resources to manage airline tickets that have been allocate to an individual traveling on company business and often these expenditure are misplaced after the trip has concluded. Bard Travel’s ticket tracker will monitor the status and priority of unused tickets, alert of transferability, and notification if refundable. This system will deliver significant savings to any travel budget with no additional maintenance cost to the company.